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  • Explode up to 12 balloons on different channels from 1 Remote Control.
  • Explode up to 99 balloons at one time with one remote control
  • A range of up to 250 Metres from the remote to all receivers
  • Digitally encrypted signal – less than 1 in 300,00 chance of interference or false detonation
  • The ReX wire that bursts the balloon is one time use only for safety and peace of mind
  • Detonate All balloons at once with the press of One button ( A for All )
  • Detonate each balloon 1 second apart with the press of One button ( SEQ for Sequential )
  • Highly intelligent System far superior to ANYTHING on the market
  • Created by Mark Bailey with over 34 years experience in the balloon industry and more than 20 years in product development.