Back in 2001 Mark Bailey started Creative Balloon Products and set about creating innovative products for the professional decorators and balloon and party industries. One of those products that was created during this time was the Remote Exploder. It was cutting edge technology for the time and was the first remote controlled product to burst balloons. This product went out of production when Mark left Creative Balloon Products due to creative differences with the investors in the Company. Skip forward to 2018 and Mark and his talented wife KJ are Sparkle Lites with products such as Sparkle Ribbon, Party Dots, Super Size Balloon Lites and of course the T-ReX mk2 balloon stuffing tool.

Well, it was time to again look into creating a Remote Exploding Balloon Product as there is nothing in the market that does what we believe a remote exploder can and should do and the price of anything close is unbelievably expensive… So… we created the ReXploder mk2.  This Remote Exploder version 2 ( mark 2 as it’s a Mark Bailey created product ). Designed and Created in Australia working with trusted suppliers in China we were able to create a RexPloder that is programmable, intelligent, failsafe, reliable, has incredible range and safety features built in so that balloon professionals worldwide and balloon decorators that are new to the industry, can have an affordable effective way to add exploding balloons to their offerings.

The ReXploder will not cost you the earth, despite it being a professional product, in fact it is half the price of the Q Boom from Qualatex with substantially more features.

Mark’s more than 30 years of experience in the Balloon Industry as an inventor, decorator, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer and businessman is why the ReXploder is now a reality.

We will launch the ReXploder in May 2019 at the Australian Balloon Convention but you can now pre-order a ReXploder Kit and be one of the first to ever receive it, when we are launching the ReXploder, you could be using yours.

Take your Decor Business to a whole new level and offer remote controlled exploding balloons to your client, with the peace of mind of knowing your balloons will explode every single time.

You can get your money back on the entire kit the first time you use it, most people charge $150 for an Exploding Balloon, if you sell 4 Exploding balloons you have more than paid for your entire ReXploder Kit.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, please email us at  If you would like to become a Distributor of ReXploder and any of our products, please also get in touch.