Here we hope to address the many questions that you may have about the ReXploder balloon bursting system.
This system is very intelligent, has many features or can be used as a simple push button balloon exploder.
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What is the range between the remote and the ReXploder receiver?

The range is a massive 500 metres ( 1500 feet ) but to be safe we say 500 feet as sometimes there can be objects between your remote and the ReXploder receiver, such as lighting bars or decor. We have chosen to use the most powerful possible transmitter and receiver in this intelligent system to exceed expectations.

What makes the ReXploder system safe?

We have built in many elements of safety in the ReXploder system. We have designed the ReX Wire in such a way that it breaks down ( degrades or breaks ) after it has exploded the balloon. This is done with safety in mind, this way if someone was to continually press the button to explode the balloon, after it has exploded, there is no chance of the wire heating up as the connection has been broken.

How does the ReXploder burst the balloon ?

We have designed ReX Wires that are included in every kit. There are 20 in every Kit. These Rex Wires attach to the ReXploder receiver unit via speaker wire connectors. Any wire connects into any connector. When the ReXploder receives the signal to explode the balloon, a charge travels down the ReX Wire and causes a tiny circular element to heat up rapidly, causing a hole in the balloon, hence causing the balloon to burst. The ReX wire then immediately self destructs for safety reasons. This all happens so quickly, the entire process is completely safe. We are merely putting a hole in the balloon causing the balloon to burst.

What batteries are required with the ReXploder system?

The Remote control and the ReXploder receiver unit ( that sits on top of the balloon ) require 1 x 9v battery. We strongly advise using a good quality battery, at the very minimum an Alkaline 9v battery. We suggest using a new 9v battery in the ReXploder receiver unit, every time you do a job, by all means you can re-use these 9v batteries in other toys or products where it is not so vital to assure detonation EVERY time. The 9v battery in the remote will last for many many detonations, but always keep one handy just in case it is flat on that one important job, or replace the battery every time you do a job for peace of mind.

How long will the receiver work in standby

To increase battery function time on the ReXploder Receiver, it goes into standby mode after 15 seconds of not being used. This allows us to increase the battery life to 48 hours with a good quality Alkaline 9v battery, even longer using a more expensive brand. So you can install your exploding balloons 24 hours before detonation with confidence. We strongly suggest you TEST TEST TEST to verify our testing on battery life.

How many balloons can I explode with One Remote Control?

Using our 14 button remote control, 2 of which are included with every ReXploder kit. You can explode 10 separate balloons one at a time by allocating each ReXploder receiver to channels 1 through 10. BUT… you can explode up to 99 balloons with one remote control if exploding ALL at once or exploding Sequentially. See our instruction videos for more information.

How Many Balloons Can I explode in total

You can explode up to 99 balloons as the ReXploder receiver units ( the units that attach to the balloon ) can be set to channels 1 thru 99.  You explode all of these balloons by pressing the ALL button on the remote or the SEQ button on the remote and it will either explode all balloons at once or explode them one at a time sequentially with a 1 second delay between each balloon.

Can other wireless devices set off my balloons?

The frequency that the ReXploder System is tuned to is 433mhz. In the event there are other remote controlled items in the same room or nearby on the same frequency, these will NOT explode your balloons. The strength of your signal may be affected if the other device is activated at the exact same time you are exploding your balloons, which may result in reduced signal strength but the chances of anything else exploding your balloons is more than 300,000 to one due to the encrypted programming between the ReXploder receiver and the remote.

Can I explode more than one balloon using one ReXploder Receiver?

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When do I replace the battery in the remote?

A good quality 9v Alkaline battery will last for many months in the remote control and will explode many different exploders on many jobs, however, to assure success every single time, we suggest you replace this battery on every job or if the jobs are only a week or so apart, you can use it on several jobs. But why risk it, why not replace the battery after every job and use that battery in another device that is not so crucial to work every time.

Do I replace the 9v battery in the ReXploder Receiver every time ?

We strongly suggest you use a new good quality 9v Alkaline battery on every job. Do not risk a flat battery on a client, use that battery in another device where it working perfectly every time is not so crucial.

Can I purchase ReXploder wires and components ongoing?

Yes, we will continue to support distributors where our products are sold through distributors with ALL components that we manufacture, including the ReX wires that are required to explode the balloons. If Distributors do not carry these items or cannot supply, you can email us at any time and we will assure that we direct you to where you can purchase them.