Below are easy to follow videos in using the ReXploder Remote Exploding Balloon System.
The Goal here is to inspire you and show how easy to use and yet how amazing this product really is.
We aimed to develop the most intelligent, versatile, reliable, affordable remote controlled exploding balloon system on earth and we are proud to say that we have succeeded. We hope that it helps you make money and inspires your clients in your business, no matter where you are in the world.

Unboxing the New ReXploder balloon bursting system.

Instructions on how to use the ReXploder System

Exploding Balloon Columns with the ReXploder

Exploding Helium filled 3ft balloons with the ReXploder

Pairing a ReXploder Receiver to a different remote

Sequential Exploding of balloons with the ReXploder


In case you lose the instructions that came with your ReXploder Kit or if you have purchased just a single ReXploder Unit and need the Instructions 

Download USA Instruction Sheet here. ( Letter SIze Paper )

Download International Instruction Sheet here. ( A 4 Size Paper )