The ReXploder – remote controlled exploding balloon system is the most intelligent system ever developed for the balloon industry. It finally gives you peace of mind, flexibility, extended range and built in safety to be able to confidently offer Exploding balloons to your clients, or continue to do Exploding balloons with a far superior system.

This System has been created by balloon professionals with over 30 years of experience alongside electronics professionals and engineers and is made available at a price that is affordable for all.

So here is some technical information for those that love that kind of thing, written in a way that we hope everyone can understand. If you have any questions, please email, we will be happy to help, but please watch the videos first.

  • FREQUENCY: The ReXploder works on 433 mhz frequency band, this is a very popular frequency for various remote controlled devices, It’s why our digital encryption between remote control & receiver units is so important.
  • ENCRYPTED SIGNAL: We do not want any other wireless device exploding your balloons by accident, we do not want anyone else who has the ReXploder system, being able to explode your balloons, so we have gone to great lengths to prevent this from happening. Every ReXploder receiver unit ( that attaches to a balloon ) is paired by you to the remote control that you are intending to use to explode the balloons with, giving you an encrypted signal when balloons are to be exploded.
  • SAFETY FIRST: When you explode your balloon with the ReX wire taped directly onto the balloon, the way the balloon explodes is by the Tungsten wire in the ReX Wire heating up to 1200 degrees in a matter of a second, this bursts the balloon. But after 1 second the ReXploder Receiver unit that is attached to the balloon then shuts off. It has done it’s job and it shuts down so that in the event you, or anyone else, was to continue to press the button on the remote continuously, the ReX Wire cannot work again. Turning off the ReXploder receiver for 5 seconds and then back on, resets the device and is ready to use again.
  • ReX WIRES are a one use item only for safety: Again for reasons of safety the ReX Wire is one use item only, after you use it to explode balloons, you dispose of it, do not use it again as you want to be sure every time you do an exploding balloon for a client, it works every time. The ReX Wire is designed to deteriorate after use.
  • RANGE: We have incorporated the latest technology and the best possible components inside the ReXploder System and this is to not only assure reliability, but also to provide the longest possible range on the 433mhz band. In all of our testing with clear line of sight, the range between remote control and ReXploder receiver is up to 250 metres. (275 yards ). The longest range of any product of it’s type ever.
  • RELIABILITY: The goal was to create the most reliable product ever, no more hit and miss, no more will it work, no more we hope it works. Providing you do everything correctly, pair the remote to the ReXploder receiver, use a new good quality Alkaline 9v battery in all receivers and remote control, correctly tape the Tungsten wire of the ReX Wire to the balloon with good quality tape and press the correct button on the remote control that is tuned to the ReXploder receiver then you will Amaze your customers and probably yourself with the special effect. Of course, what we are saying here, is, providing you follow the instructions correctly, it will work Every Time !
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: We understand that there are times when you have to install the Exploding balloons the day before, or even 2 days before they are due to be exploded. It was essential that we build in long battery life to the ReXploder Receiver, so we have designed very clever intelligent battery saving technology into the ReX System. After you have paired and programmed, attached the ReX Wire to your balloon, the ReXploder Receiver unit goes into standby or sleep mode. All L.E.D lights turn off and the unit remains in standby, ready to receive the signal from the Remote Control to explode your balloons. In all of our tests with a good quality Alkaline New 9v battery, after 48 hours in standby, the balloon exploded on cue every time. The better quailty batteries you use, the better the results. We used Ikea and Philips brand batteries in our testing, we will test with Energizer and Duracell also.
  • ONCE PAIRED STAYS PAIRED: Once you pair a ReXploder Receiver unit to a remote control, it stays paired to that remote control, until you pair it to a different remote control. So you only have to pair once if you use that remote control all the time. The ReXploder Receiver unit also stays on the channel you select until such time as you change that channel. This can save you time on jobs, unless you want that extra piece of mind, you can pair them again.
  • ReX WIRES CONNECTED CORRECTLY: Again for peace of mind, when you connect the ReX Wire into the ReXploder Receiver via the speaker wire connectors, a blue light comes on if they are connected correctly. If you do not see this blue light then re-insert the wire correctly. This confirms that the circuit is complete and connected.
  • ReXploder BECOMES PART OF THE BALLOON: When you attach the exploding balloon to the ReXploder Receiver unit, it becomes a part of the balloon itself. You then carefully and securely attach them both to the ceiling or wherever they are going to explode from. Then handles on either side of the ReXploder receiver and strong but be gentle with them, like any electronic device, it should be treated carefully and never dropped or damaged. Always keep the ReXploder components in the included professional carry case to protect them from damage.
  • NEVER LEAVE BATTERIES IN: Like any electronic device, we strongly suggest that you remove the batteries in between use. This applies to the remote control and also the ReXploder receiver units. Batteries can corode over time and they do contain acid. You can use your remote control battery many time,s but always use new batteries in the ReXploder Receiver units as they consume a lot more power than the remote control does.
  • NEVER GET WET: Never allow the ReXploder Receiver unit or Remote Control to get wet, it not is a waterproof system and does contain sophisticated electronics. We know that may be obvious to some, but best said anyway.
  • UP TO 99 BALLOONS ON ONE CHANNEL: Now, in my 30 plus years of being in the balloon industry, I have not ever heard of anyone wanting to explode 99 balloons in one job at one time, but in the event you want to know, you can explode up to 99 balloons on one channel using one remote control, or by pressing the ALL button on the remote. To do this, you pair each ReXploder receiver to the remote control you are going to use. You then set every ReXploder Receiver to channel 1, or channel 2, as long as they are all set to the one channel. Then when you are ready to explode the balloons, you press that channel or press the ALL button on the remote and they will all explode at the same time.  Or press SEQ and all balloons paired to that remote, will explode in 1 second intervals.
  • DESIGNED & CONCEIVED IN AUSTRALIA: The ReXploder System has been designed and conceived by Mark Bailey from Sparkle Lites, in Australia. Working with trusted and professional suppliers in China, after more than 20 years of doing business in China, the opportunity arose to produce the ReXploder. Over 6 months in development, plus an additional 3 months of prototyping, programming, molds, electronic circuit boards etc, the ReXploder System will be released June 1st 2019.
  • For more information or if you have questions that may not be here detailed here, email
  • Please understand we will not divulge any information that compromises the intellectual property or any information that may compromise the product in any way.


In case you lose the instructions that came with your ReXploder Kit or if you have purchased just a single ReXploder Unit and need the Instructions

Download USA Instruction Sheet here. ( Letter SIze Paper )

Download International Instruction Sheet here. ( A 4 Size Paper )